Our Mission

2012 - 2013 Session

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What is BRI?

The Baltimore Robotics Institute is an organization the collaborates with public schools, universities, and STEM-related organizations to bring curriculum-based robotics learning into Baltimore area elementary and middle schools. The public school provides the students; the universities provide the knowledge, curriculum, and collegiate mentors and the STEM organizations provide the robotics platform. BRI was started at the Homewood campus of The Johns Hopkins University by undergraduate students.

After a successful pilot in the spring of 2012, we are preparing for our inaugural session. The mission of BRI is to address the juxtaposition between Baltimore's many universities and colleges and Baltimore's troubled school system. The heart of what we do stands on the shoulders of our instructional mentors. Please join us in bringing research, creative experience, and engineering to young students in hopes of cultivating a future generation of innovators and inventors.

Building BRI
We've built the organization from ground up using the fundamental aspects of a robot.
  1. Chassis                framework
  2. Motor/Battery    –   what drives us 
  3. Design                  how we do it
  4. Programming   –   implementation
  5. Testing               –   pilot program
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In The Community
"Communities define our lives. Those you are born into, those you make yourself, and those you fall into by accident — communities of all types influence us and help shape us."

As a member of each of these many communities, we not only allow our communities define us, but in turn we strive the define the communities of which we are part.